Investment Brokerage


Transworld Commercial Real Estate is locally driven; we know the investment brokerage market better than anyone by being market focused and relationship driven. Our experience enables us to find off-market deals which tend to give you better options then stale online listings. Also, our investment property brokerage does not compete with our investors on asset purchases, and acts solely as brokers in the market. Commercial real estate investing can generate cash flow in four ways:

  1. Net Operating Income (NOI or CAP Rates)
  2. Tax Shelter Offsets
  3. Equity Build-up
  4. Capital Appreciation

Our experience during the down turn taught us how to think outside of the box with our investment brokerage and commercial real estate investment services. We understand the impact of moving quickly and coming up with creative solutions when clients want commercial building in Denver or Colorado. If we have a motivated buyer and seller then there is a way. We never give up! We have all different types of commercial real estate investing experience:

  1. Industrial/Flex
  2. Office
  3. Retail
  4. Ground-up Development
  5. Build-to-suit
  6. Franchise
  7. Owner Occupied

Investment Property Brokerage Process

We assist you in refining strategies with market data to guide you through the maze of today’s investment environment. Trends are analyzed and interpreted, providing you objective information and removing guesswork from each buy-sell recommendation. These recommendations have the potential to uncover more investment opportunities that may not be available through the normal channels. Using collaborative efforts, agents develop custom solutions to help you realize your investment goals.

Please contact us to discuss these benefits and the process to own. We will work with you on getting pre-qualified and ready to buy your own real estate!

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