Commercial Real Estate and Capital Markets Breakdown

If you are looking at financing a commercial real estate investment project you are in an unprecedented market where capital is available across many different platforms. Here are a few options available to you as a commercial investor:

5 Things to Consider in Your Next Commercial Office Lease

What To Consider in Your Commercial  Lease When you find yourself staring at a complex commercial lease, and have already secured your tenant representation, it is important to consider retaining the services of an experienced commercial real estate attorney. A commercial real estate attorney can advise you on the specifics of your lease terms and […]

Subleasing Your Commercial Space

Five Things to Consider When Subleasing your Commercial Space When acting as a tenant representative it is important to discuss exit strategy with a client. One of the best known strategies for exiting a current lease liability is to sublease the space to another tenant. In this scenario, you will become the sub-landlord and the […]

Finding Commercial Property for Rent

Five Things to Think About Regarding Real Estate for Lease Most people would tell you that real estate is critical to a retailer’s success and that it is all about the location, location, location! I could not agree more, but what is it that makes some retail locations extremely successful while others seem to have […]

The Benefits of Hiring a Tenant Representative

With more than a decade of experience in tenant representation, we understand the importance of having an expert in commercial real estate. And with Colorado’s highly active commercial market, we’re always surprised at how often tenants are unaware of the existence of tenant representation services and how a tenant representative can advocate for their best […]

What Makes Denver a Top Five Location for Commercial Real Estate

Finding Commercial Real Estate Property to Lease in Denver The Denver commercial real estate market is very healthy right now, especially the value of local Colorado retail space. The vacancy rates throughout the Front Range are at a historic low, which has prompted the commercial real estate development cycle to go into overdrive. This commercial development […]

2017 is a Great Year for Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

2017 is the Year to Invest in Commercial Real Estate Get your checkbooks out because 2017 is poised to be another good year for investing in commercial real estate. Denver’s commercial market is on fire! If you are thinking about buying commercial real estate or leasing commercial real estate, don’t hesitate to call Transworld Commercial […]