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Our Colorado Commercial Real Estate agency was established as a partnership between 15 year, industry veteran & Managing Broker, Phil Kubat, and Jessica & Al Fialkovich, the Co-Founders of Transworld Business Advisors – Rocky Mountain, experts in founding, building, and selling small businesses.

Transworld Commercial Real Estate is the first commercial brokerage firm in the Rocky Mountain region to combine traditional commercial services with business brokerage to meet our clients needs. We offer services throughout Colorado, New Mexico & Wyoming and our team has more than 45 blended years of experience. Over the past six years our team has collectively completed more than 200 transactions totaling 2.5 million+ square feet in leasing and have completed in excess of $20 million in sales over 25 states in the retail, office, industrial, and flex commercial real estate markets.

Our team is passionate about helping individuals, investors and small to mid-sized companies navigate the complex waters of the sale, acquisition or lease of commercial real estate. Our services include buyer representation, tenant representation, seller representation, landlord representation, investment brokerage, franchise & corporate development, owner occupied services, and renewal negotiations.

Your business is our business. The leading business and commercial real estate brokerage.

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Unbiased and Honest Commercial Representation

Transworld Commercial Real Estate believes you deserve unbiased and honest representation from your Colorado commercial brokerage firm. We’re prepared to help you sell your building, lease space, or buy your next commercial property. Many Denver commercial brokers list only the spaces that benefit their business and the businesses of select property owners. But our core values (below) and our network of commercial real estate industry professionals enable us to give you a full view of commercial properties in the office, industrial, retail, hotel, multifamily, and special purpose sectors. You can rely on Transworld Commercial Real Estate to give you access to opportunities a typical Colorado real estate broker is unable.

In an effort to provide our clients with a holistic suite of services, Transworld Commercial Real Estate partners with its sister company, Transworld Business Advisors – Rocky Mountain. Transworld Business Advisors is the #1 business brokerage firm in the state of Colorado. They help entrepreneurs to buy a business or sell a business, with a focus on helping family-owned and closely held businesses with their strategic plans for the future. This unique access to experts and commercial listing inventory is unparalleled and helps our Colorado commercial brokers get your deal closed faster.

Memberships and Associations

Transworld Commercial Real Estate is a member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce (DMCC), the Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors (DMCAR), the Denver Business Journal Leadership Trust, Naturally Boulder, and other small business and commercial real estate associations to ensure we have the best access to continuing education and the Colorado commercial market for our clients.

   DMCC - Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce - Commercial Brokerage Members     DMCAR - Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors      Denver Business Journal Leadership Trust

Why is Transworld Commercial Real Estate the Leading Commercial Brokerage Firm?

Transworld is the first commercial brokerage firm to combine its services with a business brokerage firm giving clients access to Colorado commercial listings that would be otherwise unavailable to the market and providing a dual opportunity to sell commercial real estate or a business in Colorado at the same time.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Transworld Commercial Real Estate Broker?

Our Denver commercial brokers have 45 blended years of experience and proven processes to help business owners and investors in Colorado sell a building, buy a building, or lease a building.

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Transworld Commercial Real Estate helps clients achieve a commercial lease through tenant representation services.

Conflict Free

Feel confident that your business decisions are based on all available options with no hidden agendas or kick-backs from third parties. Our Colorado commercial brokerage is here to put our experience to work for you. We truly believe as your trusted advisor that we become a partner in your business.

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Hear what clients are saying about Transworld Commercial Real Estate's tenant representation, commercial sales and investment services in our success stories.

Win-Win Negotiations

Integrity at the negotiation table means a lot. With the Denver brokers on the Transworld Commercial Real Estate team in your corner, you can rest assured your lease will deliver the highest value for you and your business. And we'll prepare you for your lease renewal when the time comes.

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Transworld Commercial Real Estate's team of Colorado commercial industry veterans will provide the superior advice you need to make informed decisions about buying, leasing, selling or investing in commercial real estate.

Superior Advice

Our commercial brokerage team builds innovative solutions to an ever-changing Colorado economy and business landscape. And with our partners in business brokerage, Transworld Business Advisors, we're able to cover real estate and business sale transactions to make sure you can fully meet your strategic goals.

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Professional Commercial Real Estate Services

Business Brokerage

Transworld Business Advisors – Rocky Mountain has achieved #1 status out of 225+ global franchises for four years running. We offer services throughout Colorado, New Mexico & Wyoming and are currently the #1 business brokerage firm in the Rocky Mountain region. Over the past 7 years, our team has completed $112 million+ in transactions, worked directly with over 1,500 business owners, was involved with 250+ deals, and gave over 10,000 entrepreneurs guidance about buying and selling businesses.

Our team is passionate about helping small and mid-sized companies navigate the complex waters through the sale, acquisition or growth of an organization. Our services include buyer representation, seller representation, preparation for sale, franchise sales, and franchise development.

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Buyer Representation

Transworld Commercial Real Estate has a strong focus on buyer agency and buyer representation. With decades of commercial real estate experience in Colorado representing business owners and entrepreneurs, we pride ourselves on being exemplary at finding and negotiating the best commercial real estate purchase contracts for all asset classes. We have all the necessary tools to help buyers with acquisitions, relocations and all site selection related objectives. Whether you are looking for office, industrial, industrial flex, retail or special purpose real estate, we have the Denver buyer representatives to help you purchase your next building.

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Landlord Representation

We are uniquely able to market commercial leasing opportunities across multiple channels on behalf of our landlord clients in Colorado and can connect them with a global network of strategic partners. Working with our Colorado brokerage firm means you will be represented by a company with a local presence and a global network, coupled with a collective team approach that gets your commercial space leased.

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Seller Representation

Affiliating your commercial real estate for sale with Transworld Commercial Real Estate is a smart business decision because of our decades of expertise and market access. No other business name is aligned with better core values, proven processes, and more strategic partners than our brand. Working with our firm means you will be represented by a company with a collective team approach that gets your commercial transaction closed.

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Investment Brokerage

The Colorado commercial real estate market, especially the Denver Metro Area, offers shrewd investors some of the most promising commercial investments to be made across the United States. Our experienced team of commercial real estate brokers offer wisdom seldom found in the commercial real estate arena. Work with Transworld to get the highest returns in the shortest amount of time and gain access to business brokerage listings that would otherwise never hit the market.

Investment Brokerage Opportunities in the Rocky Mountains

Franchise & Corporate Development

Our partnership with Transworld Business Advisors – Rocky Mountain, a global franchise business, enables us to perform site selection searches at a national scale while leveraging a worldwide network of professionals. We understand the dynamic relationship between franchisor, franchisee, landlords  and property owners and can streamline the process from finding the right local broker through lease execution, construction and site development.

Commercial Experts in Franchise & Corporate Development

Owner Occupied Specialist

When business owners are looking to improve their bottom line and build a more permanent footprint in Colorado, Transworld Commercial Real Estate can provide strategic consulting and transaction management so a they know they’re making the right commercial investment. Our commercial brokerage has access to commercial real estate opportunities that will never hit the market through our partner in business brokerage, Transworld Business Advisors – Rocky Mountain.

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Renewal Negotiations

When it comes time to renew a lease, there’s no reason to manage negotiations alone, when the services of a tenant representative are complimentary. Leveraging the support of a commercial agent will make the process of negotiating with a landlord simple and more effective and ensure a good relationship for years to come.

Commercial Lease Renewal Experts

Restaurant Representation

The Colorado commercial agents with the Transworld Commercial Real Estate team have extensive experience in the creation of restaurant real estate transactions in Colorado. Whether you are looking for restaurant space for lease, restaurants for sale or to develop your restaurant into a franchise, Transworld has an expert broker for your needs.

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Tenant Representation

Transworld Commercial Real Estate has a strong focus on tenant representation in Colorado. With decades of commercial real estate experience representing tenants looking for lease opportunities, we pride ourselves on identifying the best opportunities whether you’re looking for office, industrial, industrial flex or retail property.

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What Phil Kubat Has To Say

Our number one goal is to help small business owners succeed with their commercial real estate assets. The natural synergies between Transworld Business Advisors and our Denver commercial brokerage, Transworld Commercial Real Estate, allow us to engage with a small business owner to streamline the entire client process, develop a level of service that is second to none, and give clients informed confidence as they enter, build, or exit their business and are faced with making strategic decisions about commercial space.
Phil Kubat
Principal & Managing Broker, Transworld Commercial Real Estate
Phil Kubat is the Principal and Managing Broker of Transworld Commercial Real Estate a Commercial Brokerage in Colorado
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Tenacity: Our clients entrust us with one of their most valued assets – their business. Our ability to handle client’s needs gives them the capacity to create their own freedom and to pursue the lives they dream of. It is our job to do whatever it takes, challenge the impossible, and not take no sitting down in order to accomplish their goals.

Learn & Grow: Continued learning through life benefits yourself and those around you. We learn through experience – ours and others – and by being open to opportunities for growth through continuing education, and participating in our industry and community. Our openness toward learning encourages positive change in our business and our industry as a whole.

Be a Professional: We are in a position of high trust. We hold ourselves accountable, do what we say, and act respectfully in order to maintain that trust. We aim to create an environment and set an example for brokers and clients to collaborate from a place of respect, which includes a high level of communication built into our processes. This allows ample room for listening, constructive feedback, and respect for everyone’s time, money and values. We attend to internal and external parties from a team oriented environment to bring forth the best knowledge and experience available to serve each situation.

Small Business Advocates: We wake up every day and make a choice to positively impact business owners in the community through each and every interaction. We are deeply involved in advocating for the success of small business in the Rocky Mountain region and want to help the entrepreneurs we serve become better by adding value to their environment and experience. Small business is the backbone of the Rocky Mountain economy and we hope to embolden the small business owner and strengthen the foundation of small business through advocacy and positive change.

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Selling a Building in Colorado

Your time is better spent focused elsewhere, let Transworld help with your building sale in Denver. From developing a broker opinion of value (BOV) to determine the value of your commercial real estate to managing acquisition inquiries, Transworld has streamlined the commercial sale process. If you’re ready to cash out on your commercial property, Transworld will position it for sale on the current market and maximize your return on investment (i.e. money).

Buying and Leasing Commercial Space in Colorado

Buying commercial real estate can be a complex project from navigating the financing options to finding elusive property listings on Colorado’s active market and then actually closing on a building. Working with a buyer’s representative is free and is the best way to gain an advocate in your search for the perfect commercial investment.

Similarly, finding an equitable lease in Denver can be difficult for the seasoned entrepreneur and the startup entrepreneur alike. Our Colorado tenant representatives provide a free service to business owners looking for an ideal lease and will serve as an advocate in their lease negotiations to help them achieve favorable terms for their small business and good relations with their landlord.

Why Work with Transworld Commercial Real Estate to Buy Commercial Property?

Buying commercial real estate is a sound investment for a business owner and provides financial stability, wealth building equity, more space flexibility and a pride of ownership a leased space simply can’t provide. If you’re ready to invest in your business by buying a building, a Transworld Commercial Real Estate agent has the depth of experience, professional network, and market access to help you close on a property.

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